Video - Mighty Fiat 850 Sedan Update 08-03-12

Videos Fiat 850 Mighty Fiat 850 Sedan Update 08-03-12

Mighty Fiat 850 Sedan Update 08-03-12

The Mighty Fiat 850 is back to a running state. After a blown head gasket was discovered, I decided to do a quick engine overhaul. The engine got honed, the intake manifold was enlarged slightly, the valves were lapped in, new titanium retainers were installed, the new main cap girdle and pan baffle assembly was installed and new rod bearings, and some newer and lighter valve lash caps were made and installed. The new carburetor (Weber DHSA) is working just fine. Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine Shop. (949) 631-6376 Don't forget to 'Click' and SUBSCRIBE. And, don't forget to tell your friends about my channel.

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