Video - Mercedes S500 Vs Fiat 500 : Big car vs small car

Videos Fiat 500 Mercedes S500 Vs Fiat 500 : Big car vs small car

Mercedes S500 Vs Fiat 500 : Big car vs small car

Well- technically neither the Mercedes S500 is the biggest car in the world, nor the Fiat 500 is the smallest one, but still, both define these terms perfectly in the car market. Some may describe such a test, conducted by the Czech program "Road Look" as insane or meaningless- like comparing apples to oranges. Yet some proud Fiat 500 owners (in addition to small cars promoters also) would also see it as a comparison between the "car of the year" prize holder (Fiat 500) and the (claimed) best car in the world, the S-class. This movie is not intended to mock the exquisite little Fiat 500; the difference in size, performance & price just to name a few is great as expected (the S-class is undoubtedly the winner in these criterias & in many other ones), but still, the Fiat 500 is a greatly engineered little car that stood this test in a way some bigger cars would envy , & also it's a car which has it's many strong points & special market appeal. In all cases, no one can deny the novelty of the idea of this comparison. This is the test in the shape of a music video which I made,& shrunken to a concise- but informative version of it. The song I chose is "Tormentor" by "WASP" .

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