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McLean V-8 Monocycle (Crash 2:55)

  • 4/28/12: McLean's 100% Electric ~ 2012 Fiat 500 - Website: - 2 Nearly 10 years later, Kerry has come full 'circle' after his horrific crash... With the creation of his NEW 2011 McLean V8 Drag Wheel. Kerry and his son can also be seen in several of Nokia's new SatNav commercials. Pretty cool stuff. Hope you enjoy. -Patrick 12/14/07: Ask anyone who knows Kerry McLean and they will tell you that he is a very talented and creative man. His skills and ingenuity are especially evident in the V-8 Monowheel, Rocket Roadster McLean Wheel. A 800-900 lb. wheel, powered by an eight cylinder Buick engine capable of speeds over 100 mph! What you are about to see started off as a fun family day, before things went terribly wrong. When Kerry and his machine came to rest, his head was less than 6" from a concrete curb. All I can say is that he is fortunate to have survived!

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