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ItaliaspeedTV - "Immigrants" Fiat 500 USA TV Commerical

The FIAT brand is depicting the tale of its arrival to the US market with a new commercial that features vehicles joyously cliff-diving and leaping into the sea as they make their way from Italy to the US The new commercial, "Immigrants" features the Fiat 500 product portfolio and debuts tonight on various broadcast and cable networks. "'Immigrants' tells the story of 'FIAT's resurgence in America in a manner that is smart, unexpected and stylish while introducing viewers to our product portfolio," said Olivier Francois, President and Chief Executive Officer - Fiat Brand Worldwide. "We are proud and thankful to be back in this country and we wanted to capture the viewer's attention in a way that is impactful, visually-appealing and entertaining, while reinforcing our distinctive Italian origin." The commercial was filmed in Italy and New York. The scenes in Italy were shot in Amalfi and Sorrento and feature colorful landscapes and key landmarks to give consumers a flavor of the brand's Italian heritage. As the vehicles arrive to the US the commercial shifts to highlight quintessential areas in New York such as the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, Madison Square Park and surrounding neighborhoods. "Immigrants" is set to a popular Italian song, 'Torna a Surriento,'(Come Back to Sorrento) sung by international artist, Arianna and composed by Flavio Ibba. As the vehicles make their way to the shores of New York, the music is remixed from the classic Italian tune to a ...

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