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1965 Fiat 1500 Cabriolet

A new body treatment for 1965 the Pininfarina design was not only brilliant but timeless. This particular design was particularly successful for Pininfarina, versions of this design were used with 3 different manufacturers, Fiat Peugeot and Ferrari. The fiat was the one with the greatest numbers built and in my opinion the proportions were the best on the Fiat. All the designs were available as coupes also and were just as stunning. Directed as competition to MG and Triumph the Fiat was a far more sophisticated and better appointed than the British rivals. Some in the market place considered it feminine since it had weather protection and a comfortable ride. About the Fiat 1500, Based on the platform of the sedan, this was one of the most successful platforms of all times.The 1300/1500 and their derivatives were also assembled by the Yugoslavian Zastava and Fiat's German subsidiary, Neckar Automobil AG. The floorpan of the 1500C was used as a basis for its replacement, the Fiat 125, while another model, the Polski Fiat 125p, made by the Polish FSO, was created by mating the body of 125 and mechanicals (engines, gearbox, transmission, suspension) of 1300/1500.



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