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This club is not kept by the Fiat company

We are trying to make an effort to support good renown of the brand and helping to associate their enthusiasts.

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Logos and names of makes used on this web site are registered trademarks of the Fiat company.

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There should be logos or names under registered trademarks of other subjects on this web site.


Publishing or distributing content of this site without written permission of this website owner is expressly prohibited, a violation of this provision will be considered as a serious breach of the rights of this website owner with all the consequent legal implications.

Content of the web pages

The most part of content of this web site is created by it's users. The keeper of this web site does not guarantee for za rightness, or completeness of informations.

Not all the opinions presented on this web siteare also an opinion of the web site keepers.

We does not take over any responsibility for the possible detriments caused by using information presented on this web site.

Links to pages of thirs parties

These web pages should contain links to web pages of third parties which are not managed by the Fiat club keepers. This web site keepers does not take any responsibility for the content, products or services presented on such web pages.

Terms and conditions of using this web site

The Fiat club website allows to input posts by users in the scope of discussion forum, chat, articles, events, surveys etc. and also it's possible to upload graphical files or other content. Users are fully responsible by themselves for the content of their every posts. Even not all the user's posts is checked by this web site keepers, we reserve a right to change, move or delete a post, if it is not in an accordance with the generally accepted morality or the law or if it is in violance with any paragraph of the User's commitment.

Personal data protection

The Fiat club website does not collect any kind of personal data which users themselves voluntarily did not provide (ie. when registering to the club, by inserting the posts to the discussion forum, etc.). Fiat club in any case does not will provide any of the data about users to any third party.

User's commitment

I agree with the possible penalties for failure to comply with these rules.

I will not use this service for any activities that are against the law.

I will not use this service to commercial and other purposes that could harm the owner of this site.

I will not promote a competing service and websites here (ie. forums, clubs).

I'm here to behave according to moral standards that are commonplace in a civilized society and will not knowingly harm other users, server owners or the service.

I also agree with the promotional activities of the server owner's - display banners, icons, receiving mails, text ad advertising.

This website uses cookies to provide services, personalize ads, and analyze traffic. By using this website you agree with it.

Your user account will be deleted in these cases

  • do not login more that 12 months
  • do not login more than a month from the date of of this account creation
  • sinned against the rules, which are listed here

Club rules

The following club rules apply to public presentation of individual members in the club forum and chat, but also in other parts of the site including non-public, such as private messages (internal clubmail) and other.

  • In the common interest do not move your personal problems and depressions here to the site.
  • In order of each user is to take note of section administrators and its administrators to respect their messages and regulations.
  • Membership on this website is entirely voluntary and does not oblige anyone to anything except good manners and respect for the views of others. By violation of the rules the user can be excluded without any notice, without giving any reasons, and his account will be blocked.
  • Racist posts, intimidation, slander members, profanities and insults, as well as spamming will result in exclusion from the club and blocking of the account.
  • Various slander and unsubstantiated accusations and assaults of section administrators, administrators, moderators, website owner and users will be considered as a gross violation of the club rules and the will result in exclusion and blocking of the account. The word of administrators and their decisions are final and other members are obliged to respect it fully without unnecessary discussions.
  • It is prohibited the use jokes and posts that contain any elements of discrimination and pornography. In any case it is not allowed to display any pornographic materials or to link to these pages. If this will be violated, it will cause your exclusion from the club.
  • If you create new topics in the forum, it is necessary to consider their placement in the forum so the content of the theme is closely related to your chosen section as much as possible. If your topic will be improperly placed, the moderator will move it without any notice. Creating a topics duplicity (one topic to more categories) is not allowed. Make sure to check if such topic already exists. Such topics can be locked without any prior notice with reference to the original topic or removed. Please keep the subject of the topic, do not speak off-topic or about something completely different.
  • It is not allowed to simultaneously insert duplicate question into the Forum and the Advisory. In the case of duplicates query will be deleted from the Advisory.
  • When you've decided to post an inquiry, well check, if you properly formulated it and that it is easy understandable for others.
  • If You ask a question to your vehicle and you do not have a VIN code in your profile or a query above, nobody can give you a relevant answer.
  • Write a brief subject (title). As for the vehicles - you should start with vehicle model name and also reflect the content of the post.
  • If possible specify your question already in the topic (title)! Messages of type "HELP", "please advice me" mostly no one will interets even he will bother itsels with a meaningless message. Well-named topic title is especially good at reverse lookup.
  • Do not use any highlighting of topic's subjects or posts. Unreasonable use of capital letters (CapsLock switched on), use multiple question marks, exclamation marks, or other special characters, as well as vague offtopic posts in topics will be edited or deleted.
  • It is not allowed to write several posts per user below. Our post can be updated at any time and if you forgot something to mention, add that to your post. Moderator can several posts from one user written below merge into one post or delete it completely. Also, posts which will contain just only emoticons or anything just "interjection expressing in writing" shall be deleted in order to maintain the quality of content.
  • It is not allowed to abuse the personal profile for any kind of personal attacks to others.
  • It is not allowed to use the space reserved for photos of your car to upload there any other pictures which are not related.
  • Misuse of personal profile for any form of advertising is PROHIBITED. Classified ads belongs into CLASSIFIEDS section and not in the forum posts. These posts will be deleted without notice.
  • Commercial advertising is not free of charge. Its publication without prior agreement of the webmaster may be a reason to delete the profile. Conditions for commercial presentation and advertising are described here Advertisement .. What is or is not commercial advertising is solely the decision of the webmaster.
  • Answers to questions on this forum are voluntary, and therefore no one is obliged to answer them. It is not a good idea to enforce the answer, because in such case most likely you will not get any answers.
  • If you think that our club rules are too restrictive for you and you will not able to accept them, we ask you to do not attended our website.
  • For anyone who visits and use this site these rules are binding. Unable to resist by the words I am a "stupid" and rules are therefore not related to me or that I did not understand them.
  • E-mail addresses of administrators, as well as their phones, messengers and internal club mail (private messages) do not serve as a consulting or private helpdesk, therefore they are not obliged to answer any questions. There is a forum or advisory for such questions.
  • Do not put your e-mail or phone to the Forum or Advisory (later on you will not be able to delete them). You have to send them only by a private message (internal mail).

We reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments. Although there is freedom of speech, there are things, which we do not wish to have here. Whether it's different clickable links to various games, insults, competitions, cries of type Fake! or the first!. The reward for such behavior can be a range of penalties, prohibition from contributing comments or a permanent ban. Keep in mind that your IP may share many people, and as a result your blunt efforts may be a dirty look of people near you. Keep a bit of responsibility for what you post here. Internet is not anonymous.



The rules of writing on a board

  • The maximum length of a text written on the board is 60 characters.
  • Text messages may contain links to other websites or any incitement to visit other sites.
  • Text messages may contain e-mail addresses or phone numbers.
  • Text messages may not be in a conflict with applicable law, may not contain any vulgarisms. Must not contain texts that are in conflict with the legitimate interests of website owner.
  • Text messages may contain criticism, evaluation or personal attacks to other users.
  • Generally throughout the site applies a strict commercial advertising ban to all users (see Companies registered as Partners have an exception in this, however, in some reasonable extent.
  • The text message can be click-thru to the specified URL of the link. It may link to any page on this site - for example, the advertisement promotion, partner meeting, article, etc.. It is forbidden to link leading out of this web.
  • The text on the board is displayed immediately after activation through payment via Premium SMS or credit card.
  • On board there are always displayed 10 recently written texts - they rotate in the interval of 4 seconds.
  • The text is displayed until it is overwritten by a newer one.
  • Website owner does not guarantee the period for which the text is displayed on the whiteboard.
  • It is forbidden to write texts in capital letters, unless this is required by spelling rules.
  • Any message on the whiteboard can be deleted by the administrator even without giving a reason.

Rules changes

Site owner is authorized to amend the wording of the rules any time. The rules change is valid and effective immediately upon posting on this website. These changes will be incorporated in the text and will be published in the form of the full text of the rules. It is in the interest of the user to continuously monitor the amended rules.

User is obliged to regularly familiarize with changes of the rules. If the user will continue to use the Web Site after any such changes by the site owner, it is considered that he unconditionally agrees the rules changes.

These rules come into effect by their publication.

Complaints Procedure

In case of any problems with any of the paid services (1%), contact the website owner. Use Contact the website owner button (contact form). The settlement of a claim you will be informed within 3 days via email / private message on the club (internal clubmail).

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