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Grande Punto Rear light bulbs change

Forum Grande Punto (199) Grande Punto Rear light bulbs change

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2017-07-01 15:45:17

How to Change the Rear Light Bulbs on a Fiat Grande Punto  |  More info

How to change the rear light bulbs on a Fiat Grande Punto. All you need is a medium and large sized Philips screwdriver. There are three lightbulbs situated inside the the rear light cluster. These are your main lights, brake lights and indicators. Anybody can do this, including novices and it takes only around 10 to 15 minutes maximum. If the screws are a bit stiff or rusty use a penetrating lubricant to loosen them up. Simply reassemble exactly the same way you took them apart.

2017-07-01 15:52:46

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